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Catalonia is home to one of the most diverse and rich cuisines of Europe. Its proximity to the Mediterranean coast and the Pyrenees makes its gastronomy a unique synthesis of the best of the land and the sea.

The city has a wide selection of bars and restaurants, both traditional and market cuisine and the most varied international cuisine without forgetting the exclusive vanguard offer in certain establishments, that has been and is internationally recognized.
Eating out in Barcelona is always a pleasure. You can taste the famous 'tapas' in the many bars that offer them in a thousand and one formats, enjoy a potato omelet accompanied by the traditional bread with tomato or a paella by the sea, choose from a wide variety of meats, fish and rice that the Mediterranean cuisine offers and decide one of the many wines and champagnes of our land, is without doubt one of the attractions of a city proud of its cuisine and products.

In our building we have one catering establishment with direct service to our customers. Taberna Lizarrán, a Basque restaurant with the best of the northern cuisine, from traditional 'pintxos' accompanied with cider or txacoli wine, and the best fish or steaks.
In Barcelona lunch is usually around 14:00, while dinner is taken around 21.00.
In the following links you can find a wide selection of restaurants in Barcelona, for all tastes and all budgets.