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The city of Barcelona, ​​also called Ciudad Condal, has always been one of the most important tourist destinations in Spain, thanks to its innumerable attractions. Its monuments and architectural wealth, its history and culture, its Mediterranean climate and its beaches, its commitment to design and the avant-garde make it a unique, modern, welcoming and dynamic city.

But it was following the celebration of the 1992 Olympic Games when Barcelona was definitely opened to the world. Those Games remodeled and modernized the city, respecting its tradition, and made it definitively one of the European cities - and worldwide - of greater projection. Barcelona was already on the map.

To this day, Barcelona is a hospitable and cosmopolitan city, multicultural and advanced both scientifically and socially and artistically. Meeting point for professionals from all sectors, and ideal destination for your holidays, couple, family or friends. A city with more than two thousand years of history. A city of the 21st century.